Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lao of the day

The fall is definitely here. It's sunny and dry and it gets almost properly cold at night. I'd only sit outside in a jacket and scarf. The days are warm but just short of sweat-inducing. The mountains and rivers somehow create happiness.

Last night was a good night at the bar, a nice, easy, thirsty little crowd. We had a Romanian, a Hungarian, a Czech, and a German (Eastern Europe was well represented that night) and we all made paper airplanes out of fake hundred dollar bill and flew them in an international competition. I think Germany won. Then some drunk but civilized Aussies came in and bought Negronis for the whole crowd and rang up a huge (for LP) tab, which they couldn't cover with the bits of kip, baht, and dollars they had, so Lisa took one out on her motorbike at midnight or so to get more cash out of his hotel room. The German wants me to come live with him in Oman, or in his medieval tower in Nuremburg. I think he should contract the writing of his novel to me.
Good times.

Pasa Lao
I: khoi (a short o sound and a guttural, almost arabic sounding "kh")
you: chow/jow
go: by

au ngien boa: what would you like?
kalunaa: please
ohai: give

New drink: Negroni. I'm set for winter.

My hands are going to smell of fish sauce permanently soon.

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