Friday, December 3, 2010

Fortune telling

Last night a blonde hippie from Pittsburg did a tarot reading for me. We spread the cards on the wood floor upstairs and he began with the usual things young men say about women: this card says you're strong, you're a warrior queen; this one says you're spiritual; you have an old soul. Yawn. He flipped over half a dozen more cards: You're drifting. This way of life isn't exactly good for you, but it's what gives you power. It brings you creative power. You're in a pattern of constant dissipation of dreams--a big rush of energy, and then a slow ebbing away, like waves on the shore. Dismal, rather. He turned over a few more: You're going to keep traveling; you're not going to stop anytime too soon.  And then the last three:

Oh. And then, while you're traveling, you're going to meet a rich man and everything is going to change, just like that.

Ha. I don't know if this is the best tarot reading ever, or if I want to throw myself off a bridge because everything always seems to come back to "And then you'll meet a man with many goats, and you will be first wife, and your sons will be strong and tall."

But I suppose this is what you get from a 24 year old psuedo-saddhu from PA, for god's sake.

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  1. First wife! Sounds pretty good, as long as your sister wives are nice and sane.
    Nothing wrong with meeting a man with many goats. Or strong, tall sons. Not at all.