Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Riding to Ban Sankalok, passing houses and chickens and wooden plank tables selling coffee and tea out of plastic tubs, I came upon a group of cyclists riding along single file. They had matching shirts that said "Dungdung goes to Laos 2014" across a picture of a golden stupa. I figured them for Chinese bikers--there seem to be a lot lately. I overtook them, one by one, and when I got to the head guy, he was riding slowly along, singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads," in English. I laughed and gave him the thumbs up, and in beautiful English he asked where I was from. It turned out they were a cycling group from Indonesia here on a bike tour of Laos. We parted ways shortly after that, me to my tailor, them to the Kuangsi Waterfall, but for a few moments on the road, we far-flung few were united in our love for John Denver.

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