Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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My neighbours are heavily into the early 90s. I never thought I'd hear Take That again. Or Take Five, or All-4-One, or a few gems from Extreme. (Xtreme?) It starts at about 8:30 and carries on all day. Every once in a while they throw in some Lao pop to shake things up.

Customer last night: "Don't you feel your youth burning away like a candle?"

1) Jesus, dude. 2) I'd feel more like that were I working an administrative job through a cold, dark winter, commuting in traffic two or so hours a day. But here? No.

Oddly, I think it was a come on. He was cute, but nobody's chances can survive putting "I'm writing a novel" and "stream of consciousness" that close together in a coversation. But hey, drink up, pal.

Slightly cloudy and ever so slightly cooler today. I'm wearing long sleeves before dark for the first time. Of course, the sleeves are pushed up past my elbows and I'm wearing flip flops, so don't get the wrong idea. The Lao folks on the street, mind you, are all in double and triple layers. It's at least 75 degrees.

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