Saturday, November 20, 2010

Work update

Drinks I want to make you: Martinis (with gin; let's be serious here), mojitos (and caipirinhas and amaretto cherry sours--I like using the pestle), Negronis, any kind of whiskey.

Drinks I don't want to make you: White Russians (don't drink milk at a bar), coffee and tea (come on), anything with Malibu (grow up).

Getting a short pour: people who like to spout facts about the percentage of Americans with passports; people who like say things like "Any American who leaves the country is a good one;" people who assume I try to pass for Canadian when traveling--thuggish, almost psychotically friendly couple from the Isle of Mann, I'm looking at you.

Getting a little extra: Russians, Scots, Welshmen, Kiwis, fellow Americans, posh Londoners and their 18-year-old-boyfriends (Richard and David, I adore you. Don't ever leave.)

If you don't like Tom Waits: go home. The music isn't going to change.

Yes, I'll let you play your ipod, briefly, but I'm only going to pretend to like it.

Aussies: I love you, really. But this isn't Bondi Beach. Put your shirts on.

I'd recommend a shot of this.

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