Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it Sunday?

So far:

Picking up my laundry, I chatted with a Lao teacher/guesthouse receptionist with a lazy eye (detail is important!), who wants me to donate a few copies of the book I'm currently writing to the LP library. Excellent idea.

I rode toward the market behind a tuk tuk full of rocks. Ahead of me were two Lao women squatting by the side of the road in what appeared to be a very intimate embrace. As I passed them, I saw that it was just a streetside lice inspection.

At the market a glob of tubercular spit missed my flip flop by inches. I got my usual ninety-cent assortment of corn, noodles, parasites, and much-recycled cooking oil.

I've made a nice coffee for myself at the bar and opened the tall french doors to let in the light upstairs. I notice I left a big, sweet, sticky pa dek stain on the table I usually sit at. Strangely, no bugs have found it yet. Maybe they're more concerned about their health than I am mine.

The orchids from Bahrain via Bangkok are still full and fluffy in their vases downstairs. They're over a week old by now. Small miracles make the world go 'round.

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