Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sans fards

Question of the day: should I just put on some make up? Is it time? I've been slouching around Chiang Mai sans fards for three days and I like it, I feel comfortable—but I don't need to look like shit on principle. I feel like it's nearly time to consider whether I should just accept that little bit of help, day to day.

Having not decided that yet, though, I haven't put myself through a cold-water hair wash, since it would still just be cosmetic at this point (five days, perhaps?), and I just can't be bothered making my hair look better when nobody's looking.

Chiang Mai on a budget, with a purpose, is really calm. I wake up, I walk to a market or a coffee shop, I write essays for the book because I'm still all out of fictional inspiration. I write emails, I get food, I drink late afternoon beer, I get eight hours of sleep; I do guesthouse yoga.

The two big Dalmatians in the yard I pass every day wear padded vests. It's fully hot even in shorts by ten am.

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