Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leaps unbidden to mind of the day

Leaps unbidden to the mind of the day:

G could never remember the English word for pimples and always called them pimps.

“Mischa, why am I having these new pimps on my shoulder?” Add this one to the scale that says the world is a wonderful place.

I'm actually hoping to see G and his mama J when return I to Chiang Mai in February. It's been a very long time.Remembering as I type that I recently gave him the address of this blog. If you're reading this, baby, it's all out of love.

Tunisia/Egypt/Jordan/Yemen/Sudan? Not lumping them all together, but in this sense lumping them all together: fists clenched, eyes closed, thinking 'go go go go go.' Heart engaged.

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